Photos 1 Feb 2013
2013-02-01 23.23.01

Background data for all artists

2013-02-01 23.07.59

Who in this scene is the mad, the judgement depends on you.

2013-02-01 23.07.02

4 guys tho gave the judgement to Fak

2013-02-01 22.52.34

The funeral of his father?

2013-02-01 22.51.51

Suddenly the funeral turns to his own

2013-02-01 22.42.58

Right or wrong isn't up to you but community

2013-02-01 22.42.45

How could you be grateful to someone who stole your life?

2013-02-01 23.10.16

Finally the judgement leave him no choice but the coffin

2013-02-01 23.19.06

Thanks to this band, the play seems sound and unigue

2013-02-01 23.10.46

Money stolen from your friend is given by the thief for the friend's funeral. Can you accept that?

2013-02-01 23.08.41

She is mad but at least she's not bad.

2013-02-01 23.02.15

It can't help he turns this way

2013-02-01 23.00.14

Giving more alcohol to the one who's to die due to alcoholism is a bad idea?

2013-02-01 22.54.36

We all are here to put you in a coffin. You should be grateful, Fak.

2013-02-01 23.07.53

Don't take him away, said she when Fak has passed away.

2013-02-01 22.39.57

What would you say when all people punishes you while the one who deserves this judgement is acting pity of you.

2013-02-01 22.27.50

We are at the end of the line but we still have tomorrow, said the undertaker.

2013-02-01 22.26.42

Hopeful song from hopeless friends

2013-02-01 22.05.08

We can bare with the drunk but not one who hurt the children. You must quit the job. Anything to say?

2013-02-01 21.57.26

He's accused of taking dad's insane wife as his own. Is it real?

2013-02-01 21.45.36

You all didn't show up in my dad's cremation. Now I come to bless my dad's ash.

2013-02-01 21.34.14

A mad lady who might be the most conscious

2013-02-01 23.19.02

Big applause to them

2013-02-01 23.19.16

Curtain call

2013-02-01 23.18.55

Please take our gratitude for your applause